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Why Our purpose is to find friends and wholesome fun among unattached local residents.

How We create dinners, parties, game nights, movie showings, field trips, hikes, and more. There are two or three events per week. Membership is free, with no strings attached. We just socialize.

What We are the only local singles organization, exclusive to communities in and around Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, and Running Springs. We are in our ninth year of operation, with 350+ members, most aged 40 and up.

When and Where Event descriptions and calendar are posted on this website, and sent by email bulletins and postal mailings.

Get out and socialize! Register, get the schedule, and show up at events.
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I moved up here not knowing anyone, and Mountain Singles made all the difference. There is a ready-made network of friends. It's wonderful! You have changed the mountain.


The Mountain Singles group has been a great place to meet new friends, have some laughs and participate in many events and activities. I enjoy people of all sorts, and there are indeed a wide range of ages and diversity of background of folks that add to the pleasant demeanor of the group dynamics. The club sends e-mail information for all activities weekly or more, and is always happy to listen to the group's desires and make it all happen. I appreciate the choices and sharing of meals that go along with each activity. Thanks so much for finding me up on this mountain! What a great opportunity you have provided for all of us to have fun and friendly games.


My experience with Mountains singles has been a very positive one. I like the fact that rather than being a "dating" organization, it is more like being part of a group of friends who meet for games, movies, a dinner out, or whatever we feel like doing. There is no pressure to get involved with anyone, and I like this idea because that is not what I am interested in. My neighbor brought me to games night so I could see what it was all about. I was new to the mountain and it was a good opportunity to meet people. It is so nice to have a group of friends that I am very comfortable and enjoy spending time with.


Everything you are doing for the mountain singles is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for welcoming me into the group. It's enhancing my life.

Judy 2

Just want to say what a great experience Mountain Singles has been for me. I joined the group several years ago, and have participated in many and various activities. This group provides a multitude of opportunities for singles to meet others and develop meaningful relationships. And I have done just that....I can now call many previous strangers....friends!


A lot of people sit at home and become hermits. This is a place to go and see people. There is no pressure, and so much fun. You can talk to whoever appeals to you. I love the people and the activities. It’s geared to everyone. Even game night has games from simple to brainy. We have so many different activities, from movie nights to restaurants to field trips. Everybody likes to come, even those with families and friends. It’s not just for the isolated. Like K. She has a big family, is involved in church, goes to France and Big Bear, but when she is here, she comes. A lot of people are afraid to come the first time, even though we tell them it is not a dating thing, it’s just a social group, people coming together to have fun. K used to stay away, saying: “I don’t want to get married.” Now she says: “I’m coming for the company.”


The single's group is a wonderful resource for singles living in the mountains. Wednesday night dinners provide a good opportunity to get to know others living here, particularly for those new to the mountains. Game night, combined with a potluck, is a lot of fun. Even though I often have to miss an opportunity to meet, I'm happy it exists, that I will be able to go out and visit with others the next meeting. It’s reminiscent of the past when people did more socializing, ultimately I think the most rewarding way to spend an evening.

Your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are always welcome. Enter them here.

Well, I always feel that there are friends to do things with up here because of the Singles. Despite being away much of the time, I know that I can come to an event and feel that warm welcome and have lots of chat time and never feel strange. Many of the Singles have been supportive of my music when I play at various venues up in the mountains, and it's so nice to feel like you're never really alone, no matter what. I am very happy that the group exists up here and I always look forward to seeing my friends in town and at all of the special little events. My favorite events have been 4th of July and also Erika's annual Doc Party.


I have met some very nice people there. It’s well worth the time and effort to put into it.


Thank you Mountain Singles for the opportunity to meet people. I live in Crestline, and attend some of the Wednesday night dinners. I am a people lover, and enjoy all the different personalities and friendships that they have to offer. Plus I like to eat good food.


I just want you to know how much belonging to Mountain Singles means to me. Whenever I go to an event I feel such a warm welcome and great sense of community. Moving to a new place when you don't know anyone can be very difficult. I have met so many wonderful friends because of this group.


I am so glad that I searched for a singles group in the Lake Arrowhead area. When I purchased my mountain retreat just last June 2013, I wanted to make new friends in the area. I signed up, and soon after, I started to receive a weekly email of activities. I finally took the courage to meet this group for a New Year Eve party. Why not? I am adventurous. A new location, new people and I embraced the New Year in my new home. Life is good! Going into it without any expectation than just to meet people, I was grateful to meet folks who lived in the area for many years, who know the history of their surrounding lands, who shared feelings of loneness until they joined this group and singles who have met their partners through this group. Most recently, after a movie night, we shared our thoughts regarding many serious topics without any confrontations. It is comforting knowing people who are open, honest and respectful to one another. Thank you for organizing this group, and looking forward to many adventures.


I found the Mountain Singles to be an excellent way to become involved with the many different venues here on the mountain. The members are a great group of people, and the club does a fantastic job finding and organizing the activities every month.


It's a great gift to us singles. I have enjoyed good times with you and your members. Thank you.


What you do for mountain singles is super-fantastic. I always have so much fun when I participate in the activities, and have developed some good friendships with some really nice people. You make a positive difference in this community.


I really enjoy and have a great time at all the events. Everyone I meet has great life experiences to share and are so much fun....Never run out of things to say.
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