It's Friday evening! Time for a change of pace. Finish the week with food, friends, and diversion.

Think of enjoying a potluck dinner you didn't have to cook at home. Then think of playing Mexican Train, Triominoes, Rummy Cube, Dahimi, Poker, Racko, or whatever else is popular at the moment. Some members bring games of their own, and teach others how to play. We routinely get a turnout of 10 to 20 members.

Please join us for Game Night, usually on first and third Fridays. Check the calendar for exact dates.
Game Night
Arrive any time after 6 pm. Dinner is served at about 6:20 pm. Games begin at around 6:45.

The games are held at Don's house, 28146 North Bay Road in Lake Arrowhead. A map is shown below.

Bring a potluck item to share. Carol is fixing a main dish. Bring something like a side dish, salad, drink, chips, vegetables, or fruit.

Members and guests simply show up. Others RSVP at (909) 744-8561.
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