Dinner at Santa's Village
We have heard good reports about a restaurant at Santa’s Village called the “Gatherings.” Also, there is a lot of member interest in going over as a group. Carol and I went over to check it out, at around 6 pm on a Thursday last week.

The park is mostly closed at that time. We entered through the gift shop, as the main entrance is closed. They are currently only open Thursdays through Sundays. There was no was charge to enter. There is a bar open, but we went straight to the restaurant.

The food was excellent. We both ordered the Apple Roasted Pork, and then inquired if the chef would share his secret for making the dish so tender and juicy. The place is oriented toward tourists, but prices were reasonable. Entrees range from $12 to $18.

They are located on Hwy 18 east of Skyforest. A map is below. There is a web page here. Phone at the restaurant is (909) 744-9922.

The plan for going over as a group is to replace a Wednesday April 12 at the Cliffhanger with a Thursday April 13 at the Gatherings. Meet at the bar at 5:30 pm, and then meet at the Gatherings for dinner at 6:30 pm.

I told the restaurant to expect at least a dozen of us, and possibly up to 20, because this is a first-time stop at a new restaurant, and members are usually curious.
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