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Restaurant Selection July - December, 2018
Our restaurant poll for July - December 2018 was closed on 6-25-18. The ballot is over here, and the results are shown in the bar chart to the left.

The Antlers and the Cliffhanger are tied for first place with 18 votes each. Cottage is in third place with 16 votes. Toni's and Bear House are tied for fourth place with 13 votes each.

So, our monthly lineup is (1) Antlers, (2) Cliffhanger, (3) Cottage, (4) Toni's, and (5) Bear House.

The Bear House and Toni's are tied for fourth place, so either could have been selected for the week-four slot, with the other on the occasional fifth Wednesday. I chose Toni's for the regular stop, because I think it is slightly better as a local's hangout.

Check our calendar for exact dates.

Thanks to everyone who voted.