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A new restaurant has opened up in Agua Fria (near Blue Jay) as of four weeks ago. It’s a good one. All but 2 of 19 reviews on Yelp are 5 stars. We have to go over and see what all the excitement is about.

The place is called
Puglia Ristorante Italiano, so named because the two chefs Patrick and Zito are from the Puglia region of southern Italy. They serve (you guessed it) Italian food, including pizza, pasta, and salads.

Prices are moderate, from $15 to 20 for an entre. That’s a little too expensive to make into one of our regular local’s hangouts, but still well worth a visit.

Please join us for dinner at
Puglia on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018, at 5 pm.
Note that this is an hour earlier than our usual dinnertime of 6 pm.

The restaurant is getting a lot of business, because it is new and the community is curious to try it out. So I asked whether they can seat a party of up to 18 on January 31, or whether they would prefer we wait a month or two. The manager said that Jan 31 will work, just arrive at 5 pm. They open at 5 pm and have parking and seating at that time. By 6 pm, it’s crowded. (If more than 18 of us show up, or some show up late, the last to arrive might not be seated for a while.)

Puglia is located in the old Casual Elegance venue. The street address is 26848 State Hwy 189 near Blue Jay. A map with driving instructions is shown below. The phone number there is (909) 744-8859.