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Silverwood Ranch House
A.K.A the Silverwood Japanese Restaurant Fusion Sushi & Grill Korean B.B.Q
Are you ready for an adventure?

You've heard about that Asian restaurant out in the middle of nowhere, north of Silverwood Lake on Highway 138. Incredibly, the place stays in business, where not even a one-pump gas-station could survive. It used to be called the Korean BBQ. Now it looks like its full name runs to 20 syllables. Google Maps has it listed as the Silverwood Ranch House, with a phone number that matches the one in a photo of the place. (Told you this would be an adventure.) Anyway, let's go there to check it out.
Advance scouts report that the food and prices are good. You can find a selection of most popular Asian dishes - Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Let's meet there for lunch at noon on Saturday, April 23. (Not May 28.) Allow 20 minutes to get there from Crestline. It's on the right about half a mile past the bridge construction. A map with travel directions is below. If you would like to hitch a ride, meet me at the Park & Ride lot next to Rim Bowling on Lake Drive. I will leave from there at 11:40 am.