This is serious business. I mean serious, SERIOUS business. You'd better know what you're doing before tangling with THESE sharks. The squeamish and uninitiated are advised to beware. :-)

Carol and a few others have created a special interest group just to play the card game Dahimi. This is a smaller version of Game Night, devoted to a single game.

The time and place are the same as Game Night, (6 pm at Don's,) except that it meets on second and fourth Fridays, instead of first and third. Check the calendar for exact dates.

RSVP is required. Call Carol at (909) 744-8561 or (724) 244-4774.

We need 4 to 7 players for this to work. If there are more players, we split into two tables. If there are fewer, we switch to another game.
Dahimi Night
Carol will fix a main dish. A couple of other members can bring a salad or side dish. That should be enough food, without this being a full potluck, as we are only expecting a game crowd of about 6 people.

I usually duck out, unless we are short of players, because I am not the biggest or hungriest fish in THIS tank.
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